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About Us

We are a small family-run inn located on the island of Santa Catalina, connected by a footbridge to Providence, Colombia. Also known as Providencia in Spanish.
We have 2 brand new, spacious suites waiting for you. If tranquility and beautiful views are what you are looking for - then you have come to the right place.

islands not to scale

Providence is the sister island to it's more well known sibling - San Andres. On Providence you will leave the crowds, traffic, buildings, and noise behind.
Providence is also more hilly / mountainous than San Andres.
It is a short < 30 minute flight from San Andres or a 2.5- 4 hour boat ride away (Depending on waves).

Providence is on the right. Santa Catalina is at the top.



Santa Catalina Island from a viewpoint on Providence -- View from Crab Cay toward Providence Island.

Providence or Providencia? Divine Providence?

The island received its English name of Providence when English puritans arrived in the 17th century.
Later Spain, then Gran Colombia (The preceding republic which included present day Colombia)
in the 19th century would lay claim. The name then changed to Providencia to reflect the Spanish language.
However, both English and Spanish are spoken on the islands. We refer to the island as - Providence Island - on the website, though on maps and graphics you may also see it spelled Providencia.

As for Providence --
Maybe it is by "Divine Providence" that you have come to learn about this island.
Maybe it is by "Divine Providence" that you have come to learn about this posada on this island.

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