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Fun on Land

While Providence and Santa Catalina are two small islands - there is no shortage of things to do during your stay.
Whether you choose to play in the water or stay dry on land.

Hike to Morgan's Head

Nearby the Posada on Santa Catalina is a peaceful hour long hike along the edge of the island to Morgan's Head. The hike is named after Captain Morgan.

The trail follows the harbor and the coast of Santa Catalina Island until you get to the rocky outcropping of Morgan's Head.
There is an inviting - virtually private - beach along the way - so bring your swimsuit! You may also visit the cannons of Fort Warwick along the way.

Lover's Bridge

Connecting Santa Catalina Island to Providence is a colorful wooden bridge - nicknamed Lover's Bridge.
Arches allow boats to pass under the bridge. It's a beautiful and relaxing way to get to the town center.


Southwest Beach panorama

Relax on a quiet, uncrowded beach. The two largest beaches are - Southwest Beach and Manchaneel.
Smaller beaches are scattered around the island.

Hiking to El Pico

A 1-2 hour hike up through the lush interior forest will take you to the highest point on Providence - El Pico / The Peak - 363 meters.
Hike up yourself or hire a guide - about 30.000 COP / person with water and snacks. The hike will show you a different side of
Providence. The entrance is in the Southern part of the island in an area called "Bottom House." The views are spectacular!

Moped / Jeep Rentals

You may also rent a moped or jeep to ride around the island. How long it takes depends on how long and where you stop!
But a non-stop drive / ride will take about 45 minutes - 1 hour.
Mopeds rent for about 40.000 COP / day.  The jeep - 100.000 COP / day.

Horse / Pony Riding

Wildlife of Providence Island

In addition to the sea life that inhabits the coral reefs around Providence - there are also a variety of land animals that call Providence home.
Lizards in a variety of sizes and colors. Birds. Pelicans.

Annual Crab Migration

Providence is also famous for its annual crab migration. You will find the crab logo on benches throughout Providence.
The annual crab migration takes place sometime between late April and July. Usually for 2 weeks in May or June.

If you are not fond of crabs - outside of this time period you won't see many, if any.  You may see a few in the mangroves.


Some Youtube user videos about Providence Island - English / Espanol