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Providence is located in the Western Caribbean. While it is a part of Colombia, it is closer to Nicaragua.

Getting to San Andres
"Gateway" to Providence

There are direct flights to San Andres from the Colombian mainland with:

Copa Airlines

Barranquilla, Bogotá, Cali, Cartagena, Medellín-Córdova
(AeroRepublica is now part of Copa Airlines) 


Bogota, Cartagena
Connections from most major
Colombian cities

LAN Colombia

Connections from most major
Colombian cities

Direct flights to San Andres from outside of Colombia include:

Copa Airlines - Panama City, Panama
 also via Bogota.

There are also seasonal flights from Montreal, Canada on Air Transat.  San Andres International_Airport (Wiki)


If you need to spend the night in San Andres while waiting for your flight or the catamaran,
please contact us for recommendations on where to stay.


San Andres to Providence

Once in San Andres you have two choices to get to Providence.




135.000 - 200.000 COP / way.
Daily flights. 2 / day - morning and afternoon.
More frequent during high season.

El Sensation Catamaran

El Sensation
About 65.000 COP / way.
See sailing schedule below and on website


Providence Island arrival by Plane


Satena has offices around Colombia (See their website) and it is easy to buy your airline ticket(s) online as well.
International credit cards are accepted.
The catamaran does not sail everyday so it may not be convenient for your schedule.
As of July 2010 - the boat sailing schedule is as follows:



March 1 - June 14, except Semana Santa
Sept 1 - Dec 14

Mon / Wed / Fri / Sun


Everyday EXCEPT tuesday

 Tickets can be bought at the dock or from local San Andres travel agents.
It leaves in the MORNING (7:30am) TO PROVIDENCE, and returns in the AFTERNOON (3:45pm) TO SAN ANDRES.
Taxi drivers should know where to take you - also ask your agent.

Fly or Sail?

While taking the boat to Providence is cheaper you may want to consider how prone you are to getting seasick.
When there is little wind / less waves - the crossing by boat takes about 2.5 hours. However, when there are
strong offshore breezes in San Andres, the crossing TO Providence will take up to 4 hours and it will be very bumpy! Adventurous!

 Mareol is available throughout San Andres and Providence for motion sickness.

If you want to avoid getting seasick or are uncomfortable being in a boat for such a long period of time
we recommend you FLY to PROVIDENCE. You may then return by taking the BOAT BACK to SAN ANDRES.
The return by boat is with, and not against the direction of the waves and will be much more pleasant - irrespective of the wind strength.